Irish Boxing

Irish Boxing from Leeds in England is the submerged rock band comprising Harrison Warke (Vocals and Guitar), Adam Kemp (Bass), Dec Davies (Keys), Adam Young (Lead Guitar) and Charlie Webb (Drums).

Irish Boxing - submerged rock from England

Irish Boxing

Excuse me a moment I have to just investigate a rumbling in the cellar. Gerdang it wasn’t crumbling foundations rather Irish Boxing with their sonorous excavations which torture the very stuff of cement and brick as the driving bass pounds its way through the building. Like a rock pick the percussion taps away to expose the under-laying discoveries as the guitar blends with synth in a pulsating rhythm as a vocal sheers slate around the ears.

There is a burning passion within the compositions that invigorates the audience as walls of sound cascade around the head. Irish Boxing is able to bring rip-tides of undertow to a calm sea as they grab the audience by the ankles and pull them under-water.

I am minded of Oli Spleen as I tread my way across the music and would imagine a double bill of the two would give the audience much to enjoy.

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