New Year Ninety 2018 – 90 to 81

Thank you for being a reader of the site as without you none of this would be possible. I wish you and yours all the best for 2018.

Field Manual - New Year Ninety 2018

Field Manual

The New Year Ninety Chart for 2018 begins… 90 to 81.

90. Yardlander (England)

89. Pseudo Deep (USA)

Nuclear Confusion is available on bandcamp.

88. Neon Dolls (England)

The Black – Single – Neon Dolls is available on iTunes.*

87. Harlea (England)

Miss Me – Single – Harlea is available on iTunes.*

86. Catgod (England)

Someone Love is available on bandcamp.

85. New Arcades (England)

Fade – Single – New Arcades is available on iTunes.*

84. Fling (England)

Lookin’ Outta My Window – Single – FLING is available on iTunes.*

83. Field Manual (based in England)

Someday Streets – Field Manual is available on iTunes.*

82. Avital Raz (based in England)

The Fallen Angel’s Unravelling Descent is available on bandcamp.

81. Muscle Beach Petting Zoo (USA)

Post Organic Materials is available on bandcamp.

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Harlea – You Don’t Get It – Single Review

The English blues-rock project Harlea released the single You Don’t Get It a few hours ago.



The crunching guitar rips its own denim as the gnarly chords rumble across the room, whilst a delightfully precocious bass echoes around the walls as though in an empty hall as drum skitters through half of each bar giving You Don’t Get It a surprisingly uptempo feel to the whisky saloon blues from which the drifting vocal gritty vocal filters in to focus.

Harlea is a project that is making an impact with the sultry, becoming, vocal writhing around dusty dirty-blues and I look forward to what else 2017 has in store.

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You Don’t Get It is available on Amazon.*

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