Yours – Hard To Speak – EP Review

The English electro-hum duo Yours release their EP Hard To Speak on the 27th.

Yours - Hard To Speak - EP Review


The twenty minutes of the four tracks of luxurious textures opens with This Might Not Be The Time To Ask, a piece which for Yours veritably skips along, with an open framework highlighting the electronics which gradually whir into the signature somnambulism.

Next is When You Notice Me, a track that glides elegantly into the room prior to a skipping mouse dancing gaily across the ears only to disappear and reappear across the four and a tad minutes, giving the spacious piece a recurrent surprise, which Yours do not overplay. A thoughtfully put together composition, that combines both movement and recumbence, in which the listener can let their imagination have free reign.

The penultimate track – How Much Can You Take – served as the introduction to the duo.

Concluding Hard To Speak is Keep You Waiting, which rounds out the EP with a pulsating bass section that rumbles around the room accompanied by the identifiable hazy vocal which whispers the context to the blends of creamy electronics and subtle guitar that make Yours a duo more than worth getting to discover.

Hard To Speak (which is available on bandcamp) is an EP to add to the playlist of music for moments of contemplation.

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Yours – How Much You Can Take – Audio

Yours is a relatively new electro-hum duo from England who will be releasing their début EP Hard To Speak on the 27th of November through Tiny Hits.



To surface within the past few hours is the three quarter mark of the four tracks – How Much You Can Take.

Yours deliver warming affection which nestles like a lovers wrestling with relationship breakdown as How Much Can You Take gently caresses with a bitter-sweet farewell.

The track evokes of moments of memories of trysts with subtle shifts in temperament which yaw betwixt longing and loathing and I raise my hat to Yours for being able to create material which so successfully captures that emotive conundrum. A grounding synth disintegrates to purple velvet of passionate emotionality, whilst electronic drum pad is deployed, not to add loops rather, sentient commentary as a dour vocal expresses longing sadness.

Of particular note, the fleeting pin-drops of percussion that appear in the section between seven and fifteen seconds, never to resurface – for me, mark the quality of Yours, as they understand completely when an idea has done everything it needs to and for that brevity and subtlety, remains in the mind long after How Much Can You Take has ended.

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Hard To Speak is available on bandcamp.

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