Ghost State – Rare Cases – Audio

The US alt-rock quartet Ghost State surfaced with a couple of tracks in the past few hours.

Ghost State - Rare Cases

Ghost State

Both songs being steeped in funky blues rhythms on – Happy Accidents – inviting the keys to take centre stage giving the song an almost honky-tonk timbre which raises a good mood in the listener.

My preference of the two being Rare Cases, which is more of a crunchy hip dipping guitar led track, in which keys add a smokey atmospheric giving the song a sense of the frisson of a seedy back-street, red-lit heavy-curtain doorway.

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Stray Monroe – Happy Accidents – Video

Stray Monroe is a US indie quartet.

Stray Monroe

Stray Monroe

Stray Monroe create an attention holding soundtrack. There is a drifting melancholia that permeates, the sparkling guitar, layered bass and expressive percussion, which is delivered through the gliding vocal which unhurriedly extends notes and phrases, giving the sense of being delivered at a different tempo to the instrumentation allowing the quartet to deliver music of muliti-texturing.

The most recent single, which came out earlier this month, is Happy Accidents.


Happy Accidents – Single – Stray Monroe is available on iTunes.*

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