Knuckle – Hannah – Audio

The English dirty-blues duo Knuckle will be releasing the EP Strangers and Freaks on the 8th of April.

Knuckle - Hannah


Although it was back in 2014 that Knuckle last featured – Hannah – from the forthcoming EP – reminds of who is being listened to, as the music cleans out the innards of the speakers as it emerges into the room with its gnarly, contorted guitar which, much like a briar pipe cleaner, distorts its shape as it displaces any debris lodged therein.

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Seventeen Sisters – Don’t Mess This Up – Audio

The US rock & soul sextet Seventeen Sisters are set to release the LP Simplex Vita on the 27th.

Seventeen Sisters

Seventeen Sisters

An engaging ten track album grinds its way through the speakers in gritty Southern blues rooted compositions, to which they infuse elements of classic rock and intriguingly soul – delivering a soundscape that the listener feels obliged to be drawing from a glass of whiskey whilst listening.

Rather than filling the room with excess, as one may instinctively anticipate from so many players, Seventeen Sisters strip away the extraneous leaving a rawness and honesty to the sound to which the audience feels they too are an intrinsic part of the music.

My sympathy extends to the Manager of Seventeen Sisters as they are all siblings – and you know how often those relationships can suddenly explode in to a battle of wits and full credit to the six of them too – Sarah, Gracie, Angel, Faith, Hannah and Cecil – for being able to allow their sisters and brother to shine through each of the tracks.

My pick of the release is the sixth – Don’t Mess This Up.

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Hannah – an alt-indie quartet from Manchester in England is Hayley Faye (Vocals / Guitar), Marcus Mayes (Drums), K DaSilva (Guitar / Electronics) and Josh Wilson (Bass).

Hannah - alt-indie from England


Hannah deliver music which mixes shoegaze, folk rock and indie-pop with a gently humming electronic fuzz that gives the material a dreamlike quality.

Hannah is able to provide the audience with a sound that is drenched in lengthy chord progressions, yet the listener doesn’t loose interest as the gaps are filled with mesmerising twists and turns as percussion and bass foil with each other and the synthetics melt the sounds like dark chocolate in a warming bowl, to which an expressive vocal adds a more confrontational dimension, giving the ears plenty to enjoy.

Extensive use of flat chords give Hannah the ability to change dynamics mid-flow affording the material some considerable interest.

After a decision to split in 2010 the band recently got back together with a couple of new members to join Marcus and Hayley – it will be interesting to find out the direction of future journey Hannah choose to travel, given a legacy of releases and the more important empty pages beckoning.

Typically – I have chosen as the track to share – something which is far faster than their typical and may make you wonder about what I have written and the general sound – but you know me, I can’t pass away a nudge of pace.

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