Para Fiction – W Y S X – Single Review

The English hip-hop outfit Para Fiction revealed their latest track W S Y X yesterday.

Para Fiction

Para Fiction

The music minds of the Isle of Man located Han-FX with a crossover of the fury of grime in a song which permeates thought widespread in the British Isles and across much of the world with its frustration of political hierarchies, which akin to a tracheotomy, mouth the right words but deliver mere platitudes of undelivered noises as Para Fiction express a scathing response to a bureaucracy of ineffectual waffle in a diatribe of realist reflection of a life blighted by dead end opportunities to funnel riches to the 1%, whilst expressing of an alternative and far brighter reality.


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Han-FX with Jor-DMC ft. Skilldog – Hip Hop News – Video

Introduced last year – the Isle of Man reggae-hop duo Han-FX with Jor-DMC return with a song that surfaced within the past few hours.

Han-FX with Jor-DMC and Skilldog

Han-FX with Jor-DMC and Skilldog

Adding a third artist Skilldog, also from Manx – for such a small island, those who have followed the site with any regularity will, like me, be pondering – other than musicians and TT bike riders, who else lives on the Isle Of Man?

Hip Hop News resonates of the Ska beat and acerbic rapping which discovers that the duo will be appearing at One Love Fest later this year. There is an easy and honest openness to Hip Hop News that minds of Ian Dury And The Blockheads with the concertina resting on the wrestle between the lyric and the outliers of musical construct, which due completely to the conflict, gives the resulting output its organic pulse, which even through speakers nestles in the heart and is an extremely difficult construct to deliver successfully.

By the fact that is not their first appearance, alerts that they are more than capable of meeting the challenge they set themselves.


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Han-FX with Jor-DMC – The Beat – Audio

Han-FX and Jor-DMC both from the Isle Of Man combined to released the reggae-hop LP Partners In Rhyme earlier this month.



The roughly twenty five minutes album (available on bandcamp) only requires that the listener clears some space around them before hitting play as the dance-grooves tumble around the room.

Combinations of beatbox, saxophone, bass and guitar find the audience with a wide smile across their face, whilst lyric ranges from acerbic social commentary to easy flowing cheerfulness.



The second of the six tracks is The Beat.

Han-FX social media page

Jor-DMC social media page

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