Guy Furrow (Bass), Ethan Tate (Vocals), Thuarakan Anura (Keys) and Huw Thomas (Guitar) form the atmospheric-indie band Tate from London in England.



With only a couple of songs to hear, both of which offer quite different ideas, there is a certain intrigue as to where they will direct their path musically.

As regular readers would rightly anticipate I prefer the track which has the greater texture and complexity to it, hence introducing Tate with the composition Future. Whilst making their material widely available to the broadest audience they are also, in the just under four and a third minutes song, able to layer the room with contrasting ideas with piano slicing through the softer instrumentation and synthetics giving the audience plenty to come back to and re-explore.

Perhaps a little more mainstream than much of the music featured on the site, I do however suggest that spending time in their company will not be time you regret as for those of us who like a some fat and gristle to their music will discover these are capable music creators who add to the weave of experience, even if it is a little shiny for daily consumption.

Self-evidently I prefer the more textured nuances over the radio user friendly, however, in which ever direction they decide to set their sails I wish Tate every success as they navigate their own journey across the choppy waters of the music business.


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