No Kill – Eddie Vedder – Single Review

The US grunge duo No Kill released the single Eddie Vedder on the 14th.

No Kill

No Kill

Drenching the room in guitars which sound as though they have been soaked in wet grass for a week there is a sublime whiff of damp meadows as the scuzzy guitars sheer across the ears to the accompaniment of pulsing drum that slaps through the ears as the shadowed vocal hovers above the fray like a condor hunting on the thermals in the Andes.

After a two year break since 2015 a couple of songs have arisen this (available on bandcamp) and one can only hope they are now firmly back on track.

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Black Stone From The Sun – Paralyzed In Dreams – Single Review

The Australian grunge duo Black Stone From The Sun released the single Paralyzed In Dreams on the 30th of August.

Black Stone From The Sun

Black Stone From The Sun

Paralyzed In Dreams (available on bandcamp) is a combination of fuzzy vocal, astringent guitar and muffled drum which hangs in the room as though the moss under a long unattended dripping pipe with the listener stretching out fingers to explore the textures of the sphagnum.

The duo are also finalising details for the LP Dreamalysis from whence Paralyzed In Dreams provides a taster.

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OVEF OW – Working – EP Review

On the 16th the US grunge quartet OVEF OW will be releasing the EP Working.



Opening the four track EP is Working Girl which grinds through the room minding the listener of stilettos needing a re-heel for too much walking as a flexing analogue winds through the ears to the accompaniment of the feisty thighs of bass and smeared red lips of vocal as the lithe percussion of calves wraps around the audience all in a snarling sneer, which in essence is the whole purpose of  Ovef Ow, who are able to take a scant view to the world around whilst simultaneously smooching – well worth the cost of the release on its own (which is available on bandcamp).

Next is Psycho Crush – a far darker number that bustles through the speakers in a duality of speed giving the song a discombobulation further enhanced by a bending vocal that minds of the distortions of a parabolic mirror.

The third song is The Whistler, which is a humming wurlitzer wrestling with guitar instrumentation with the percussion acting as referee and a song that requires immediately replay.

My pick of the release is the closer Working Boy – which bleeds in to the room on the back of an extended raw chalk-board screal that grates the teeth prior to developing in to a parenthesis of oiled flexing inner thigh fed through the guitar from which the scratching vocal gnaws the neck and the listener descends in to a vestige of their own existence and the audience becomes lost in their own deepest desires as synthetics and bass whirl temptingly around the mind in ever faster and more urgent thrusts of the hips prior to reaching a climactic rictus of growling self-loathing.

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Dead Stars – Pink Clouds – Audio

The US grunge trio Dead Stars release the LP Perfect Patterns on the 1st of September.

Dead Stars - Pink Clouds

Dead Stars

Making a welcome return just over three years since their last feature.

Flattened intonations smear one in to the other and the listener finds themselves kicking their speakers just to check there is no extra volume left unreleased in to the space as Dead Stars, in the fourth of the dozen tracks on the album which is available on bandcamp, Pink Clouds detune everything and then let it loose in a walloping punch of oiled glove that slicks across the ears – is there no more these volume speakers can emit?

I merely hope to return to the trio prior to 2020.

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Radiosaurus – Something About You – Audio

The English grunge quartet Radiosaurus release the EP Sleep Away The Sun on the 16th.

Radiosaurus - Sleep Away The Sun - artwork

Radiosaurus – Sleep Away The Sun – artwork

Something About You – the second of the four tracks on the EP (available on bandcamp) slides in to the room on muddy footprint as the loosely strung guitar chords flex in to each other while a splodgy percussion beats its way through the ears and an equally blurry vocal rounds out a track that demands immediate replay.

With only one other track that I have been able to hear, which is a deftly delivered stoner number – Sleep Away The Sun, based on the couple of songs around, will be an EP to add to the collection immediately on availability.


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