Moody Beaches – Modes – Video

Moody Beaches is an Australian grunge trio.

Moody Beaches

Moody Beaches

Earlier in the month Moody Beaches released the LP Weird FriendsModes being the penultimate of the seven songs.

Establishing themselves a growing local live performance audience Weird Friends, with its sludgy gloopiness, can only help add to their profile as it tramps its muddy footprints through the room.

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Dilly Dally – Sober Motel – Audio

The Canadian grunge quartet Dilly Dally release the LP Heaven on the 14th of September.

Dilly Dally - Photograph by Michelle Homonylo

Dilly Dally – Photograph by Michelle Homonylo

Although it has been almost three years since last featured, which on this occasion is not my poor administration rather the length of time since last releasing music, immediately on hitting play on the newest track to surface from the album – Sober Motel – the instantly recognisable vocal fits like a treasured glove as the listener once again looks around on the floor expectantly searching for guitar parts which must surely have broken off and spiralled through the speakers.

Heaven (available on bandcamp) marks a welcome return to the quartet, Sober Motel is the fourth of the nine songs.

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Karma Roulette – Riot Act – Single Review

Karma Roulette, the English grunge quintet, released the single Riot Act on the 27th.

Karma Roulette

Karma Roulette

Riot Act, their début single, indicates of a band who immediately need to be added to the ‘essentials to get through life’ playlist with their impressive sound.

A quiet confidence affords Karma Roulette the temptation to try and do things slightly differently and rather than utilising the two guitars to do more than add volume, speed or melody to the composition they work as buffers, each virtually cancelling out the inflections of the chords of the other, creating an absorbing flattened structure to the track through which a puddling percussion splashes mud out of the speakers while it is the bass that adds the layered sonics with the measured and well judged vocal wrapping itself around the audience, leaving them looking forward to hearing more in short order.

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She Makes War – Devastate Me – Audio

On the 28th of September the English grunge project She Makes War will be releasing the LP Brace For Impact.

She Makes War - Devastate Me

She Makes War

It has been a couple of years since She Makes War last featured, which isn’t quite as lackadaisical as may be speculated as Brace For Impact (available on bandcamp) is the follow-up album to the 2016 LP Direction Of Travel.

The first song to surface from the LP Devastate Me is also the first of the twelve tracks and signals of a release to add to the collection on release.

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Muffin – swim.float.drown – Single Review

The English grunge quintet Muffin released the single swim.float.drown on the 20th.

Muffin - swim.float.drown


Unlike music of theirs previously featured swim.float.drown, the follow-up to their eponymous EP, has a psychedelic filter to the mixing desk that melts sublimely with the sludgy footsteps of their core sound.

The slumped bass and puddled drum skins are still given the room to throw mud through the speakers, while the guitars flit through the room in an array of kaleidoscopic colours with the menacing vocal creating an industrial nihilism which deftly earths the composition and delivers the rabbit punches.

Gaining traction nationally this new track can only help raise the visibility of Muffin to a wider audience.

swim.float.drown is available on Amazon.*

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