Phoxjaw – Triceratops – Audio

The English grunge-metal quintet Phoxjaw release the LP Goodbye Dinosaur... on the 23rd.

Phoxjaw - Triceratops


The first track to surface, the second of the six on the album, which is available as a standalone single on bandcampTriceratops – is of less furious disposition than music of theirs previously featured with the song allowing a completely unanticipated tenderness of vocal to swim in the pond while the composition feeds on bewitching melodies – do take all of that in to the context of their musical style and don’t expect to be crooned by a rock-ballad.

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Phoxjaw – Lottery – Single Review

The English grunge-metal quintet Phoxjaw released the single Lottery on the 23rd.



Lasting just over three minutes Lottery (available on bandcamp) is a track that requires not much more than a spiderweb dusty set of speakers tweaked to maximum valve, as, on hitting play the debris will launch in to the room in a shock-wave akin to the front wall of a tsunami looming overhead, with the audience engulfed in the bulging forces of guitars, bass and percussion which buffet the room as the subsumed synth and calming vocal cosset the eardrums.

Another one of those songs I often put your way – play it loudly or, don’t play it at all.

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