Lord Willing – Green Doesn’t Look Good On You – Audio

The US blues-rocker Lord Willing revealed a new track a few hours ago.

Lord Willing - photo credit - Neave Bozorgi

Lord Willing – photo credit – Neave Bozorgi

Perhaps appropriately named as Lord Willing – the LP – Are You Happy? which is now posited as slimmed to an EP – was planned for release on the 31st of May – yet now in mid-September and only now – from the still forthcoming release has just surface Green Doesn’t Look Good On You. Blips on the road take nothing away from the quality of the music as the song saunters through the room.

On listening to the song you will also ponder whilst reaching for another glass of whisky, no let’s make that a whiskey, this delay all makes perfect sense as the frayed skipped beat fills the focus. There is no rush and if the Lord Willingly decides that the full release doesn’t surface until sometime next year, that is all fine and dandy – Jack Daniels all around please, as we await. To answer the rhetorical question of the full release name – yes I am – especially now.

Green Doesn’t Look Good on You – Single – Lord Willing is available on iTunes.*

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Lord Willing – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug – Audio

The US blues-rock creator Justin Long in the guise of Lord Willing will be releasing the LP Are You Happy? on the 31st of May.

Lord Willing

Lord Willing

From the forthcoming album – Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug, which was itself released as a stand alone single earlier this month, stakes a decent marker for the LP.

A just over three minutes track that is fused with R&B, Blues and thumping rock, which finds the listener stamping in time with the bulging drum kit that slices through the speakers. A well conceived piece of music which lifts even the dourest mood to a sense of well-being and rather than downing whisky to numb despondency the audience raises a glass in cheerful disposition.

The fact that Justin is an experienced musician, albeit that Lord Willing is a new project, is evidenced in the self-assured songwriting and delivery.

Word arrives of a follow-up single coming out on the 17th of March – Green Doesn’t Look Good On You which will provide a further signpost as to what to expect from Are You Happy? in May.

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Loneliness Is the Hardest Drug – Single – Lord Willing is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.