UnknownArtist – Jump Cut / The Broadcast – Single Review

UnknownArtist is a Greek ambient-electronica creator.

UnknownArtist - photo by achilleas pitsavas

UnknownArtist – photo by achilleas pitsavas

With a prolific output dating back to 2015, sometimes alone, other times in collaboration the latest release, the single  Jump Cut / The Broadcast which came out on the 20th (available on bandcamp) I am pleased to say finally catches up with contact originally made back in January of last year.

UnknownArtist, unlike the project name suggests is far from unknown more locally and  is regularly found on the bigger stages in Greece along with occasional appearances more widely across continental Europe.

Jump Cut / The Broadcast as it says on the tin is a single, lasting approximately five and a third minutes, of two distinct halves with the opening section being a gently undulating flow of subtle waveforms and the closing chapter being of choppier waters.

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Rospy – Quantum Vacuum Generator – Audio

Rospy is the trance project of Spyros Yioufkas from Greece.



The newest release to surface is the one track plus one remix single Quantum Vacuum Generator which was released on the 16th. The original version is just over nine and a quarter minutes of industrial acid trance deeply influenced by the current Belgian New Beat Scene, making this one of those very occasional reviews of music at the cutting edge of the latest fashion.

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Jef Maarawi – Dread & Breakfast – Audio

The Greek alt-folk project Jef Maarawi releases the LP Comfort Food on the 11th.

Jef Maarawi

Jef Maarawi

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which is full of luscious melodies and tender moments with the contrasts of introspective dour lyric pivoting against the slightly summer of love feel to the music that float wistfully through the room – affords for an LP of intrigue.

The antepenultimate song being the acoustic Dread & Breakfast.

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Jack Heart – Voodoo King – Audio

The Greek alt-rock project Jack Heart released the AA side single Voodoo King / 108 on the 1st.

Jack Heart

Jack Heart

As part of the 10th anniversary monthly A Distant Victory Singles Club release series this year by Inner Ear – Voodoo King (available on bandcamp)  has a retrospective filter through which the brooding track permeates the marrow-bone and a serves as a good introduction to a musician I look forward to hearing more form in short order.

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The Boy – Αγέννητος (Unborn) – Audio

The Greek contemplative project The Boy released the LP Έτοιμοι Δύο (Ready Two) on the 4th.

The Boy - Έτοιμοι Δύο

The Boy

The follow-up to Έτοιμοι Ένα (Ready A) is of different countenance to the previous release featured in May of last year, being of instrumentation rather than electronica accompaniment to the melancholic backdrop.

Έτοιμοι Δύο (Ready Two) is available on bandcamp with the piano laden Αγέννητος (Unborn), the seventh of the fourteen tracks, being my pick of the release.

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