Cyanna Mercury – The Lunatic – Video

The Greek dark-rock band Cyanna Mercury regularly feature on the site.

Cyanna Mercury - Archetypes - artwork

Cyanna Mercury – Archetypes – artwork

Their most recent LP Archetypes (available on bandcamp) is an engrossing journey of ten tracks lasting for an approximately forty two minutes journey to which the audience is enticed to partake with its earthy ritualism in an album which is best heard around a burning pyre casting shadowy light around the grouping.

From Archetypes the  third – The Lunatic which introduces two additional voices and a bouzouki.

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Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers, originally from Greece, now based in London, England, is the shoeshuffle-gaze duo of G and Anjel.

Plastic Flowers - shoeshuffle-gaze based in England

Plastic Flowers

Simply laid out blocks of tempo are interlaced with ever expanding waves of sound as Plastic Flowers deliver echoes which spiral around the speakers prior to drifting expansively around the room. There is an immediate appeal to the tranquil material that eases its way into the ears.

The duo do not seek to turn upside down the metronome, as an ever present pace pulses, what Plastic Flowers is able to do, is fill those spaces with expansive layers of texture as electronics and instrumentation gently wash against each other before falling away akin to ripples meeting in an otherwise still pond.

Despite having established a established a foothold in the UK, Plastic Flowers retain a cohesion with their home-country, drawing reference material with a Mediterranean feel, that coalesces with icy blasts from North Atlantic streams.

Plastic Flowers is able to provide the listener with a broad brush of lapping sounds that has the potential to resonate not just across both Northern and Southern Europe, but far wider globally.

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Birthmark, from Athens in Greece is the electro-rock quintet of Adamantine Arvanitis, Argyris Tsoukalas, Elias Goulas, Kontantinos Peyos and Jacob Siaparinas.

Birthmark - photo by astygraph

Birthmark – photo by astygraph

Plumes of slowly unfolding synthetics drift around the room, giving Birthmark an atmospheric flow of sound, which is given support and foundation by submerged instrumentation whilst the percussion is given stage to beat like a lighthouse beacon peering through smoke. To which a finely delivered vocal adds both tenderness and fragility providing the connections to the elements and the listener finds themselves drawn into the mystical sound the emerges from the speakers.

Whilst the music contains intricate layers, there is a sense of the essential core of the sound being readily available.

Having originally formed as Cuore Nero in 2001, two quick name changes followed in 2004 initially to Anima then Birthmark. In 2012 the band became a five piece with a shift in sound to electro-rock with the use of samples and synths. Over the past three years the sound has developed further to their now more ethereal textures which culminated in the release of the LP Subtract earlier this year.


Subtract – Birthmark is available on iTunes.*

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Lower Cut

Lower Cut from Athens in Greece, is the dream-rock quintet of Eirini Argyri (Vocals), Alex Darmis (Synths / Samples / Programming), Yannis Efthymiou (Bass / Synths / Programming), Billy Mpaldos (Drums) and Vangelis Stavroulakis (Guitar).

Lower Cut - dream-rock from Greece

Lower Cut

Lower Cut are able to fuse the electronic gadgets with instrumentation to deliver music overflowing with textures and moods, yet able to push the played instruments forward in performance to allow the quintet to provide the audience with a sense of connectivity and rounding out the compositions is a luscious vocal that spreads around the room like butter melting into crumpets.

The electronics, whilst the spine of the sound, are not overwhelming as their dreamy layers drift luxuriantly across the ears, to which a forceful percussion cleaves a path through the mistiness and the guitar punctuates the refrains. It is the ability of the voice to create a further dimension to the out-put that raises Lower Cut to a band it is well worth investing time.

Having taken a few months out from live performance, Lower Cut are set to come back to the stage and by reports a band to get out to see, for those not able to get to gigs their recorded material is worth adding to the collection.

website (music starts immediately)

Off My Head – Lower Cut is available on iTunes.*

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Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu from Athens in Greece is the experimental-rock sextet of John Tercu (Vocals), Kostantinos (Guitar), Voltas (Percussion), Philip (Drums), Mits (Synth) and Kosmas (Bass).

Kooba Tercu - Experimental rock from Greece

Kooba Tercu

Taking tried and trusted progression of rock tracks Kooba Tercu inject a seam of acid to the core, filling the frothing spaces with dark industrial influences, giving the resulting out-put a stark and gloomy presence that permeates the room. Whilst somewhat experimental the sound doesn’t veer off the edge of the page and the listener is able to discern a direction of travel.

Kooba Tercu express the uncertainties and societal disconnect across much of the world, giving the material absolute relevance to the ’10s.  The electronics allow the sextet to take the music far further into the exploration of these considerations than would be the case with standard rock instrumentation and they combine the various elements in music that seems to absorb the brains thinking patterns and drawing the mind into the sounds.

An eponymous LP was released last month, which is available on bandcamp with provides just under forty minutes of creativity and is worth spending the time with to get to know Kooba Tercu.

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