Gravitysays_i – An Ivory Heart – Audio

On the 16th the Greek atmospheric-rock band, Gravitysays_i, will release the LP Quantum Unknown.

Gravitysays_i - An Ivory Heart


An Ivory Heart – the fourth of the six tracks on the album, which is available on bandcamp, blows through the room creating layers textures which are unexpectedly sliced through by trumpet, prior to reforming their shapes.

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Gravitysays_i – Rivited Eye – Audio

The Greek atmospheric-rock sextet Gravitysays_i release the LP Quantum Unknown in September.



Not a group of musicians to take out on a training run, Gravitysays_i produce music which dwells with the listener in evolving spacious wisps of sound in which the mind is invited to contemplate of cosmic dust fragments. Sparse fragments of vocal surface from the sound track, soon laid to rest, whilst electronics and instrumentation slowly flow out of the speakers.

From the forthcoming album – Riveted Eye is a track which spreads its life-cycle for nine and three quarter minutes of synthetics, haunting pianoforte and translucent keys which drift around the room taking the audience on a journey of ever less gravitational force calling the observer to draw the: Occipital; Fronto Parietal; Posterior Parietal; Precuneus and; Dorsolateral Prefrontal parts of the brain into cohesive trajectory.

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