Tugboat Captain – Grace – Video

The English alt-folk sextet Tugboat Captain release the LP Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud on the 27th.

Tugboat Captain - photo credit - Jam Pond Photography

Tugboat Captain – photo credit – Jam Pond Photography

Their music is tinted by infusions of americana which they deliver in slowly paced lo-fidelity threaded with both vocal and instrumental harmonies, giving the songs a warmth that leaves the audience in glowing mood whilst brushing off daily trials and tribulations.

The most recent track to surface from the album being Grace, which is available on bandcamp.

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Aloric – Grace – Single Review

Aloric is a relatively new experimental-electronic-rock outfit from England.

Aloric - Grace


Their latest track, Grace, which came out on the 9th and available on bandcamp, has a very different dimension to the sound than which they were introduced a few months ago as Aloric deliver a fluidity of ambient electronics, which gradually picks up pace through the elegant seven and almost a third minutes of rearranging mood.

The smartly crafted development of Grace ensures that the listener remains attentive to the evolving composition, which like wax dripping down the side of a candle flows from warming melt to hardened sculptures of mystical shapes as the ethereal vocal guides the way through the journey.

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