Band Of The Month – November 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Slightly later than normal, the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month

Vacant Stares - Band Of The Month November 2018

Vacant Stares

…from the USA – the gothwave quartet Vacant Stares from the USA.

A R 1 5 is from their eponymous EP which is available on bandcamp.

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VACANT STARES – Impulse Control – Audio

The quartet of StephanieJustinJosh and Lo from Portland, Oregan (USA) who form the gothwave band VACANT STARES will be releasing a new LP next year.



The first track to surface from the album, which was itself made available as a standalone single (available on bandcamp) on the 7th is a luscious purple velvet textured composition.

Spirals of luxuriant synthesis are festooned by a dark and swarming bass / drum pad combination while a dreamy cloud of guitar interweaves the layers and all rounded by vocal that wafts gently through the ears in a track that signposts of an LP to play whilst intertwined with another on soft pile blanketing.

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