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Vazum is relatively new goth-rock project from the USA who will be releasing the début and eponymous LP on the 10th of February.



Watching the subwoofer flex inside its own cone with bass speaker rotating off its platform are but two of the many delights in engaging with Vazum.

The seven track album pulses through the room in ever deeper cloaking until the listener is pitched in to the darkness afforded by a blackout curtain by when the elongated vocal smears and bending guitars have already enticed the limbs in to purple velvet bonds in which to writhe in uncontrolled ecstasy.

The third track is Servant.


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Vulgarians is the goth-rock quartet of Ryan Wilson-PreenTom MorrellJodie Smith and Connor Cheesman from Kingston-Upon-Hull in England formed earlier this year.

Vulgarians - Photo credit - Paul Newbon

Vulgarians – Photo credit – Paul Newbon

Whilst Vulgarians produce music that has you wondering in which cellar you have been tied, there is also a bustling energy that is begging to burst through the eardrums. Many bands sound paltry on low volume, or sublime and vice-versa, the quartet have the ability to work both with quiet headphones and ear-bleeding speakers bouncing across the room.

As you well know I am always a fan of bass strings hanging loosely on the fretboard and Vulgarians smartly utilise these vaguely tied four strings to provide the backdrop, not the centre piece of the out-put, which is how they are able to function across the decibel range, though I would advise bass on maximum, else the transition becomes a subsumed sound. It is the haunting guitars in centre stage that sear across the brain with a burning tempestuousness that flays across the room like welts from a whip on the back. Percussion hangs on bass drum and forays across the kit with nary a soirée to the snare grab handle, preferencing cymbal and open hi-hat for reference point to which the ghostly apparition of the vocal completes the mood.

With only three songs to hear, I am looking forward to discovering more of the ideas of Vulgarians in short order.

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The Agency…

The Agency… from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England is the cemetery-rock collective centred around Steve Beyer (Guitar), Garry Cosgrove (Drums), Steven K Driver (Vocals / Guitar), Andy Ludbrook (Bass) and Kerry Ramsay (Vocals).

The Agency... - Cemetery rock from  England

The Agency…

Given the vast disparities of outreach support – The Agency… is able to produce constructs which do not hark of a planning committee, as there is a consistency of the sounds which have a heart and soul which of and in itself is a conundrum, but all the best music collectives somehow manage to furrow a way through this line. ‘Tis true from time to time lyric stumbles over tunes, but don’t let that detract from the overall delivery, which describes of relationships across these anxieties.

Pulsating slowly from the speakers the instruments oscillate across the floor akin to a rhythmic digital ECG screen undulating line, whilst lyric eviscerates of scintilla upended, resulting in fractured slices of context, that give the calming tones a shadowed threat which attracts the audience to explore further and the more you seek of The Agency... the more they deliver within the fractals of ever imploding introspection.

A back catalogue of releases dating back to late 2012 culminates in a new eight track half an hour LP – Of Ghosts – which drops on the 29th September and is worth spending time to embrace.

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