Dolorifics – Goodbye – Video

Dolorifics is an indie-rock quartet from Sweden.



First introduced in 2015 as Boys Of Terror a significant change, aurally, is heard by Kalle Mossberg, the bassist, now being full-time with the new iteration of Dolorifics, rather than being purely the live performance bassist, which enables them to create a more rounded sound to the material with every player now being an integral part of the developmental progress of a song.

From their latest EP Excessive Self-Pity (which is available on bandcamp) the third of the four tracks – Goodbye – which evidences the stronger bond betwixt each element.

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Crashfaster – Goodbye – Video

Crashfaster from the USA released their latest EP – the five track – Superchroma at the start of the week.

Crashfaster - Superchroma - artwork

Crashfaster – Superchroma – artwork

Taken from bang in the middle of the release is a new video for Goodbye.

Superchroma – EP – Crashfaster is available on iTunes*.

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