New Year Ninety 2016 – 80 to 71

My thanks to all the bands who create music as without you none of this website would be possible. Keep making the world a better place. As is always the nature of the New Year Ninety and Emerging Indie Bands, many of the bands featured no longer exist, though their legacy remains.

The New Year Ninety 2016 –  Eighty to Seventy One.

Hell Oh! - New Year Ninety 2016

Hell Oh!

80. Fine Animal (USA)

Before the Glow – Fine Animal is available on iTunes.*

79. Kill Your Boyfriend (Italy)

Isaac / Nicolas – Single – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

78. Good Morning Finch (Sicily)

Gemini – Good Morning Finch is available on iTunes.*

77. Viola Beach (England)

76. Maybe The Welders (USA)

Depth of My Love – Single – Maybe the Welders is available on iTunes.*

75. Hell Oh! (Brazil)

We’ve Got Nothing to Say but a Song – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

74. Even In Arcadia (Scotland)

Blue Prints – Single – Even in Arcadia is available on iTunes.*

73, Dioni (Greece / Australia)

Dioni – EP – Dioni is available on iTunes.*

72. The Circus Ship (Scotland)

71. Nervous Germans (Germany)

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Good Morning Finch

From Agrigento in Sicily coalesce John Distefano (Bass / Backing Vocals), Gloria Dante (Drums / Backing Vocals / Ukulele / Tambourine / Congas), Gregorio Scozzari (Guitar) and Lillo Morreale (Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Violin / Glockenspiel) to form the dream-rock band Good Morning Finch.

Good Morning Finch - dream-rock from Sicily

Good Morning Finch

Tumbling out of the speakers Good Morning Finch deliver a munificence of layers that swirls around the brain in an ever engaging wall of texture. The dreamy notes spin into eternity as flows of ideas in mesmeric transitions of soundscapes. The output finds the listener one moment transfixed by tremors of pulsating bass notes, the next by upper registers of alertness as the quartet beguile the ears with tempting fruit.

Whilst the material plays well with recorded material, as a regular reader, you will know, I wonder of the transition betwixt studio and stage, where the real craft is on display. With players in charge of numerous instruments I am not sure how this would work.

Whilst I can ask you to give a moment of your time to recorded pieces, which have a darkly resonating resonance in to which to lay the ears, I am not as convinced as a live band Good Morning Finch can approximate recordings and this is my only caveat to a sound awash with texture which engages the mind.

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