Nights – Gone – Single Review

The US alt-rock project Nights released the single Gone on the 8th.

Nights - Gone


Introduced in January with the single HollowGone is of more feisty nature with its rock underpinning that surrounds the disarming vocal in a three and almost three quarters minutes of music which belies that this is a newish project, from a musician I was keen to hear more from on the back of just one song in January – even more so the case now and with fortune there will be an LP or EP surfacing sooner rather than later.

As I discover more news, I will aim to keep you appraised.

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Dave Winters – Gone – Video

Dave Winters is an acoustic-folk-rock performer from England.

Dave Winters

Dave Winters

Still in the early stages of development – this live version of Gone indicates Dave Winters is a musician to keep a look out for over the coming years.

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The Quick & The Dead – Gone – Audio

The Australian southern-blues trio The Quick & The Dead released their eponymous LP on the 1st.

The Quick & The Dead - photo credit Cameron Sharrock

The Quick & The Dead – photo credit Cameron Sharrock

The Quick & The Dead are best played with a whisky ginger to hand as they deliver their blend of moreish stretched guitar which seems to have strings wound out to the floor – allowing the tracks to meander into spaces unexpected, whilst a stressed bass pings like a table tennis-ball on the table from which a percussion provides the platform for the vocal to add the warmth.

As if that was not enough – they are also minded to sometime bring in slide to the mix – as evidenced in the third of the fourteen tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) – Gone – which for its scuttling tempo makes this my pick of the release – what more does music ever need?


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Parks At Night

From Toronto in Canada Mikko Canini (Guitar), Erik Southey (Bass), Marcus Bernhard (Drums), Erin Colgan (Vocals) and Amelia Goodlet (Vocals) form the alt-indie band Parks At Night.

Parks At Night - alt-indie from Canada

Parks At Night – alt-indie from Canada

Tuck away the chairs and flick up the volume to join in with the bouncing sounds of Parks At Night. The sublime vocals immediately focus attention and the way the quintet are able to split the instrumental infinitives only makes me wonder why this is not a far better known outfit.

There is a pleasured grin and perspiring brow that wraps the listener on taking time with the quintet who utilise expressive guitar, whilst the bass harries the six stringer into order as the percussion chases along the tracks and the vocals – not to be forgotten once heard. Each part of the band an integral element, each given opportunity to shine at appropriate moments but none, hogging the spotlight.

A couple of LPs behind them, set over a year apart (both available on bandcamp), I only hope that it doesn’t take another year for a follow-up to Bright Red, which was released this month.

For those who have been with the site for a while, it will come as no surprise to find I have selected a track from their eponymous LP from February of last year as an introduction to the band – Gone.

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