goldkey – Faster – Single Review

Introduced last year, goldkey from the USA, releases the sad-folk single Faster on the 2nd of March.

goldkey - Faster


Of a very different flow from last feature in Faster, goldkey, lowers the volume and lighting with acoustic and slide guitar taking centre stage, accompanied by a melancholic vocal, set to a rolling percussion which affords the song a diversity to it in which the audience gladly allows their amygdala to slip in to empathetic moment.

The combinations of the rippling tempo and the dour visage provides the composition with much to explore, leaving the listener to allow their mind to wander the layers as their imagination deems appropriate.

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Goldkey – What Am I Supposed to Do? – Audio

Goldkey is a slipwave project from the USA.



You may still be wondering of the genre of slipwave – think of swimming towards the beach and grabbing hold of rocks slathered in seaweed to pull yourself out of the sea – and you will be exactly in the right thought process in the latest track to surface What Am I Supposed to Do? (available on bandcamp) which is a velvety weave of sliding textures which have a sensuous touch in to which the fingers desire to linger.

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