GOLDBLOOMS – hostile takeover – Audio

The England / Spain based alt-rock trio GOLDBLOOMS will be releasing the five track EP hostile takeover on the 18th.

GOLDBLOOMS - hostile takeover


Within the past couple of hours the title track surfaced.

An angular contemplative of a world taken over by an alien mindset which GOLDBLOOMS were keen to reveal prior the final day of voting in the US Presidential Election.

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GOLDBLOOMS – going away – Audio

The England / Spain split alt-rock trio GOLDBLOOMS are releasing the EP – how it starts or how it’s going to end on the 29th of January.

GOLDBLOOMS photo by Jason Tebble

GOLDBLOOMS photo by Jason Tebble

The second of the five tracks – going away is a punchy just under two and a half minutes of solid music that reminds of late ’70s new-wave as twisted guitar furls itself around a meticulous bass and the drum kit battles away in aggravated flurries as the vocal plies a path between the warring elements.

With the shifts in tempo and elongation of the guitar I am minded of Tommy Gun by The Clash, so it is of little surprise I recommend spending some time in the company of GOLDBLOOMS and grabbing hold of the eclectic sounds on how it starts or how it’s going to end (which is available on bandcamp).

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