daisybones – Choke – Audio

The skater quartet of Dillon Bailey (Vocals / Bass), AJ Ciardi (Drums), Jordan Prange (Guitar) and Lucas DeLisle (Synth), from Boston in the USA who form the band daisybones will be releasing the LP Gold on the 9th of November.



The second of the ten tracks on the the album – Choke – itself available as a stand alone single on bandcamp – launches through the speakers in a blur of activity, to soon slow to a funereal pace, prior to gathering up its skirt and tumbling through the room again – in a loop of continuum. That they are able to do this within a track that lasts for less than two minutes, yet doesn’t leave the listener feeling discombobulated, attests to a quartet who have much to offer the world of music.

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Wax Jax And The Midnight Snax – GOLD – Audio

The Australian trippy-funk quintet Wax Jax And The Midnight Snax release the three track single GOLD on the 24th, this month, with a live launch in their hometown – Melbourne – at the Revolver Upstairs on the 13th of next.

Wax Jax And The Midnight Snax

Wax Jax And The Midnight Snax

The groove laden deep-hip sashaying songs circle around the room enticing the listener to step out on to the floor and loose their body in the bending guitars and pulsing bass while the sultry vocal shimmers through the ears.

Just over six and and a half minutes of the roughly fifteen of the full running time of the single is taken by the closing track and title – GOLD – which is my pick of the release as not only does this move the body with its psychedelic sway it also digs deep in to the bone-marrow too with its vaguely extemporised jazzy demeanour.


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Baby Fire – How Do I Love Thee? – Video

Baby Fire is a dark-rock band from Belgium.

Baby Fire - Gold - artwork

Baby Fire – Gold – artwork

From the LP Gold – a live version of the ninth of the eleven tracks – How Do I Love Thee?.

Gold – Baby Fire is available on iTunes.*

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Baby Fire – Burning Body, Burning Bed – Audio

The Belgian dark-rock trio Baby Fire will be releasing the LP Gold on the 14th of October.

Baby Fire - Burning Body, Burning Bed

Baby Fire

Why it has taken me two years to get back to Baby Fire is one of life’s great mysteries.

What was a duo has now become a trio with replacement of synths for instrument, giving Baby Fire a more solid punch through the speakers. The familiarity of their brooding presence remains as does the thick stomping of percussion and bass, the winding guitar enables the trio, in Burning Body, Burning Bed, to deliver music with greater texture from which the imperious vocal casts a chilling shadow over the listener.

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Dems – Gold – Video

The English indie-synth trio Dems are planning a series of singles over the coming months.

Dems - Gold


The first of which is Gold.

The collection of singles question the sustainability of London (England) as home location for emerging musicians, with venues and practice spaces closing to become Investment flats for the wealthy speculator.

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