Tusky – Going Out – Single Review

The indie-rock quartet Tusky, from the Netherlands, released the single Going Out on the 8th.

Tusky - photo credit - Jan P. Jansen Concert Photography

Tusky – photo credit – Jan P. Jansen Concert Photography

Hurling through the speakers, minding of an overhead drone filming commuters and relaying it double speed,  the listener is delighted by the compression and expansion of gnarly composition, which to best enjoy does require moving any furnishing out of the way and turning volumes to more than they are accustomed.

A grunge influence seeps through the Going Out enabling Tusky to deliver a song which has the texturing of launching furious headbutts in to a sponge as the powerful roaring raucous rock is balanced by extended reverberating layering and thereby softening the spikiness of the knuckleduster encased fists which are the foundations of the song.


Going Out – Single – Tusky is available on iTunes.*

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