Band Of The Month – November 2018 – Readers’ Choice

Time for the penultimate Readers’ Choice for Band of the month for 2018.

45. - Band of the month November 2018


From England the rock band 45..

It’s Called Soul is taken from the three track single Godspeed (available on bandcamp).

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45. – Godspeed – Single Review

It was heading towards two years ago that the Bradford (England) trio of Craig (Vocals / Guitar), Chris (Guitar) and Matt (Bass) who form the core of the rock band 45. last featured. On the 17th they released the three track single – Godspeed.

45. - Godspeed - Single Review


The extended gap is not a reflection of lack of new material, rather my own inabilities to keep up to date, later than deserved, an update.

The three tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) are each of different texturing.

The opening track – It’s Got Soul is a dark buffered composition which has the listener investigating to ascertain if they have moving foundations as the pulsing bass / drum combinations rumble through the speakers.

My pick of the release – Glorywalk – is a more emotional and empathetic treatise of a tautly strung lead guitar and snare drum which gives the piece something of a marching anthemic to it, though as the song progresses, in to earshot swims Puducherry cultural influences.

The closer and the title song, Godspeed, is a bright and breezy country-blues influenced rock composition, which appropriately links back to their americana-rock introduction.

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Calligraphist – Godspeed – Audio

Calligraphist is an England based Bulgarian dystopian-hop creator.



After a three year gap Calligraphist returns with the intriguing just over seven and a third minute track GodSpeed.

A piece which collaborates with five other musicians – featuring three voices, trumpet, a B♭ cornet, along with more familiar instrumentation in a composition that seeps its way in to the listeners bone-marrow. The raw rambling narrative is delivered to a finely judged musical accompaniment and the listener finds themselves reminded of the nature of the dream sequence structure of Bunyan’sThe Pilgrim’s Progress.

Calligraphist is unafraid to deliver material which is, akin to Marmite, either repelling or attracting and unlikely to have any other reaction. The fact I am asking you to spend time in company with Godspeed lets you know that I do enjoy the structure of this track which is a delicious friction of contrasting calmness and the frenetic discordance of a lead vocal which tumbles through quizzical ponderings of the world around failing to find resolution.

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