The Cracked Heads – I don’t know why – Audio

The French new wave quartet The Cracked Heads released their début single Go Fuck Yourself! on the 8th.

The Cracked Heads

The Cracked Heads

Their speed in making the first release available, having only got together very recently, is reflective of the energy in their music.

Raw bleeding knuckles burst through the speakers as the pummelling bass and percussion hurtle through the room with frenetic guitar riffs scrawling in to the ears as the ill-disposed vocal snarls at the listener.

Go Fuck Yourself! is a three track single (available on bandcamp) that already sits on my essential music playlist – the closer is I don’t know why.

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New Year Ninety 2017 – 10 to 2

Winding towards the number one spot on the Readers’ Selection on the New Year Ninety Chart – 10 to 2.

The more perspicacious readers will have noticed you didn’t get the opportunity to vote on anything – and that is quite correct – as with the Readers’ Selection for Band of the Month – the chart is made up from a number of stats from on-site and off-site activity – fed in to an algorithm and the results are calculated on those factors – not a –  ‘voting system’.

The Aprons - New Year Ninety 2017

The Aprons

10. Tiger Love (England)

9. Bopek (Philippines)

8. The Aprons (Israel)

7. Still Eighteen (Dominican Republic)

6. Eat Fast (England)

Fenham Dread(Lock) is available on Amazon.*

5. Manic Pixi (USA)

Iron Heart – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes.*

4. White Light (England)

3. Something To Do (USA)

Not Making a Sound – Something To Do is available on iTunes.*

2. Two Feet (USA)

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