Go Fiasco – Master Crime – Audio

It is just under a year since the English dark-indie band Go Fiasco first featured.

Go Fiasco - Master Crime

Go Fiasco

Since last appearing on the site an additional player has joined Go FiascoConor Jones (Synth / Vocals), with the electronics providing them with additional scope to investigate the darker moods more readily.

Their newest track appeared within the past few hours – Master Crime.

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Go Fiasco

From Liverpool in England emerge Daniel Duggan (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jamie Roberts (Guitar), Ben Murphy (Bass) and Liam Gardner (Drums) who form the alt-indie outfit Go Fiasco.

Go Fiasco - alt-indie from England

Go Fiasco

Having spent the past year learning their stage craft with an ever growing fan-base in the Northwest, Go Fiasco, have diverted some time to the studio with releases planned for later this year for the wider audience.

A superlative vocal rings around my head as the accompanying music shimmers across the room. The guitars develop an inter-play of psychotropic backdrop, with shoegazey reverb, whilst the bass and percussion provide a solid anchor of progression and the elements merge to provide the audience with an all engrossing aural delight.

There is an impressive confidence displayed by the quartet and it is difficult to reconcile that Go Fiasco is a relatively new formation. Having had the opportunity to hear some of their as yet unreleased material, 2015 should see the band go from strength to strength and well deserved it would be too.

Rumours are around of possibly a couple of EPs or maybe an LP to follow up their forthcoming single – Heaven – which is set for its official release on the 3rd October. Which ever way they decide to cut the follow-up, I can attest, from what I have heard, they will be pieces you will want to snap up immediately and I look forward to being able to review the material and share some of it with you as the dates draw closer.

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