Tommy Zamp – Tattoos Of Stars – Audio

The US blues-rocker Tommy Zamp releases the LP You Don’t Know Me on the 28th of November.

Tommy Zamp - Gnotti

Tommy Zamp – Gnotti

An eleven track album highlighted by the guitar which winds itself in to coils that defy sound-acoustics and merely requires the listener to have wood-shavings underneath the feet to grind to sawdust through the just under over three quarters of an hour of its duration.

Whilst not my personal selection, those who have engaged with the site for a while do know I have an elderly Pekingese – Gnotti – who lays alongside me as I put fingers to keyboard to write about the music and is of far sharper of hearing than I – never missing a beat – and for reasons which will become evident as the track develops – decided to interact audibly with the second song in particular – making it his pick of the LP – Tattoos Of Stars.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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lauren.napier – Horizons Of Happenstance – Audio

Currently based in Germany – lauren.napier is a brooding-folk creator.



Taking reference points from her home country of the USA –  lauren.napier reinterprets those influences within her surrounding environment to the accompaniment of a black cat named SAMO. As longer stay readers of the site will know I write these reviews with Gnotti – a ten year old Pekingese contemplating the music, or doing his best to ignore the volume, both audibly and numerically, surfacing through the speakers.

Though for reasons other than we both have animals next to us who make references to what we are doing at the time – the latest track to surface Horizons Of Happenstance (available on bandcamp) that came out on the 2nd is a singular interpretation of Country and Western manifests and showcases the impressive vocal and bewitching setting from which Lauren launches all of her material in its various guises.


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Cavegreen – Witches Dream – Video

The US ethereal-dance duo Cavegreen release the LP Vita Lucida on the 3rd of February.

Cavegreen - Vita Lucida - artwork

Cavegreen – Vita Lucida – artwork

My apologies to one-and all as this has been sitting in my inbox for a few weeks now.

Despite the spectral presence there is an earthy resonance to the compositions in the just over forty minutes of the nine track album (available on bandcamp) which drifts like mist through the room as electronic kit, pianoforte and acoustics melt into each other from which the siren like vocal tempts the listener.

As regular readers know laying beside me as I write reviews is a ten year old Pekingese – Gnotti – who sleeps through much of what is played, no matter how loudly, so it is often worth mentioning when he becomes enervated and for self-evident reasons the third number – Witches Dream – did have him dancing around with the composition whilst joining in with yelps he was able to translate that I didn’t know where translatable.


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The art-rock project MIRS is centred around Amir Motlagh from Los Angeles in the USA who released the EP Canyon on the 6th.


Gnotti contemplates MIRS

On hitting play you will discover the sounds scrabbling under the floorboards in a freneticism of encroaching electro-static. With material dating back three years – sometimes as a solo project at others with collaboration there is an ever present sense of a mole digging tunnels in the dark and in Canyon we discover the culmination as the excavations reach sunlight.

Those of longer or more personal stay will know I have a dog – Gnotti who sits with me as I write articles and his pick of the release is the opening track of the LP (available on bandcamp) – for self evident reasons –  Coyote.

My selection is the closer Streetlight.

We both agree – an EP worth investing time to hear and a musical project to get to know in far greater detail.


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