D.Ni.L – Glue – Audio

The English eviscerating-rap project D.Ni.L releases the LP The Boy Inside next month.

D.Ni.L - Glue


This is the third occasion that D.Ni.L has featured though the first as a solo performer – initially collaborating with Buttercream 87 – next with Wasabi Fire Alarm as part of the band.

As a solo artist D.Ni.L explores inner demons and hangs them out for others to inspect and regular readers will know that I always raise my hat to musicians who lay bare their own turmoils of life in full knowledge they are likely to be met by as much, if not more, derision as support for so doing.

Following on from the last years LP Suicide. In Sips. the first track from The Boy Inside is the self-explanatory Glue which fuses punchy vocals that jab the listeners jaw and slugging guitar which thumps in to the midriff resulting in the listener being invited to stop being merely a voyeur rather to have some sense of the numbing and cathartic effects of self-destructive behaviours – yet far from leaving the room in a sense of a desolate spiral there is a mood of positivism which permeates in to the audience, intimating of hurdles being leapt and dark roads fading in to the distance all leading to a brighter future.

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