Goy Boy McIlroy

Goy Boy McIlroy an alt-blues quartet from Darlington in England is David Saunders (Vocals), Simon Goy (Guitar), Al Evans (Drums) and Glen Adkins (Bass).

Goy Boy McIlroy - alt-blues from England

Goy Boy McIlroy

Theoretically centred around swooping guitar riffs Goy Boy McIlroy quickly knock that on the head as all the players are given equal prominence. That isn’t to say that the strings are not given space to explore, because they are, but the lasting impression is a superb baritone vocal which ties the compositions together.

Combining the lower registers throughout their work Goy Boy McIlroy is able to inject a gothic mediaevalism into the sounds which are as inebriating as the architecture and this a band to spend many a delightful hour as the music soars triumphantly around the room.

Although it is only early in November and I have a few thousand bands to consider for review before the end of the month, these guys are already on my ‘Editors choice’ shortlist for the band of the month and I am also certain they will rise high in the readers selection for band of the month.

Well worth catching live on their supporting tour in Northern England through November to mid December, with a one off date in London on the 8th (tomorrow) if you are in the vicinity, I posit.

With a new single set for release on the 11th November I wish Goy Boy McIlroy all the best for the future.


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