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glaswegians is a modern-classics multi-instrumentalist from Canada.



The latest EP severance (available on bandcamp) came out earlier this month. Although only consisting of four movements, the release lasts for roughly sixty seven minutes, so before contemplating hitting play – do ensure you have plenty of time.

Featuring a list of instruments, too long to go through individually, though includes: percussion; brass, reed, bellows and pipe – wind; strummed and bowed – string; keys and even a frying pan – the music has a continuity and fluidity that holds the attention as although seemingly a plethora of the abstract the compositions have a mesmerising organic flow. Each movement is centred around a different theme, which although disparate, when heard in completeness makes for a cohesive whole.

The seventeen and just over two thirds minutes opener – orwellian – seems a sensible place to start.

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