Maybe The Welders – Girls and Guitars – Single Review

Maybe The Welders – the Garage rock quartet from the USA release the Single Girls And Guitars on the 7th July.

Maybe The Welders - Girls And Guitars

Maybe The Welders

As you read the preamble – play around with the speaker sound settings – turn up bass, hurl to maximum volume and give it another twist, stand up and create some floor space in which you can stamp your rhythm….. Whilst there are advantages to being a music reviewer, there are also disadvantages and in the back of my mind I knew, I knew I had blown my speakers this song when I was alerted to the release details and spent a good fifteen minutes checking the various websites to ensure I hadn’t already shared the track. Having first written about Maybe The Welders back in 2012 – they, as do many bands who I regularly feature through their development, often send me early demo material, even in concept stage and Girls And Guitars is a song I knew, because I knew the demo version.

Enough of the ‘knews’ you are thinking….

Girls And Guitars finds Maybe The Welders offering greater texture than previous releases, as the guitars are fused through gauze-strips and of more impression, the vocal, which now switches between two voices, are also blurred, giving the whole out-put, strangely enough, a far more powerful and confident stance. The percussion and bass, remain unchanged in their furious temper, which allows the band to deliver something new, with a sense of something already understood.

If this is the new direction of travel for Maybe The Welders, I get the feeling of good things ahead.

Girls And Guitars is available on bandcamp.

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