Winkie from New York in the USA is the distorted electronics duo of Peter (Bass) and Gina (Vocals / Keys).

Winkie - electronica from the USA


Industrial dance – as a marker – gives some idea of the music produced by Winkie, the effect being that on hitting play it seems they are coming from another building, never mind another room. The generous levels of distortion and blurring gives the material an oppressive dark mood which is compounded by an ever present salve of bass and percussion with the disambiguated vocal adding further to the unnerving qualities.

Whilst it may be expected that there would be a limited range to the out-put, the duo are able to take the listener on an ever darker journey with plenty of variance. Tracks seem to sweep the brain into a vortex where time stands still, demanding a gentle swaying of the body in time with the omnipresent beat. Despite the dark and dank atmosphere there is something luxurious about the sound produced by Winkie as the duo play with layers of interwoven fabric to produce music which has more to offer each replay of a piece. Whilst this works extremely well on recording, I get the feeling that live performance in a derelict warehouse is the natural setting.

With a debut ten track LP – One Day We Pretended To Be Ghosts – recently released and a growing appreciation in the genre, I hope they gain wider traction, as Winkie produce sounds which resonate of the ’10s.

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