pkwy – Giant – Audio

pkwy, the US slacker-rock quartet, released their début EP – Giant – yesterday.



Their music is marked by the slow measured pace, which even when they are in hurrying mood, minds of a sloth hanging around in the trees, with a calmness spreading through the room.

It is the laid-back thread of the tracks that holds the listener attentive as they offer variations of the theme in both compacted texturing and fence-net sparsity with a wistful melancholic undertow.

A five track release, best enjoyed at dusk laying around a campfire on the beach, (available on bandcamp), which has compelling magnetism leaving the listener wishing it ran for longer than its roughly fourteen minutes.

The opener and title track Giant – being my pick of the release.

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50in15 – Giant – Audio

The Swiss ambient-electronica project 50in15 was introduced last year.

50in15 - Giant

50in15 – Giant

With an unstoppable flow of new material constantly surfacing, the latest track Giant is a four and just under a quarter minutes of darkness that minds of watching a storm brewing in a distant valley from atop a mountain with the track developing ever more layering as it progresses whilst a triphop beat pulses away in the depths of the evolving composition providing the core around which the billowing textures revolve.

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