Mechanimal – Radio On – Audio

The Greek synth-rock band Mechanimal are to release the LP Delta Pi Delta on the 4th of January 2016.

Mechanimal - Delta Pi Delta - vinyl

Mechanimal – Delta Pi Delta – vinyl

With a marked change in style compared to tracks featured since their introduction in 2013, Mechanimal have taken their focus from the chaos of Greek politics to look outside the city of Athens and with the altered line-up of Eleni Tzavara (Vocals), Tassos Nikogiannis (Guitars), Kostas Matiatos (Guitars), Giannis Papaioannou (Electronics / Beats) and Angelica Vrettou (Visuals) the focus has shifted to relationships with nature.

Radio On – the fifth of the ten tracks on Delta Pi Delta (available either as a digital or vinyl album on bandcamp) is reflective of this change of direction as the mood takes a more ethereal reflection and the dystopian electronics are replaced with a less pressurised dreaminess as guitars explore sounds of outer-space with the vocal, nymph-like, expressing description of the surround.

That isn’t to say Mechanimal have become less sorrowful, as there is an underpinning of a sense of commentating on imbalance and a considered introspection, which gives the music a resonance that those who have followed their journey over the years will recognize thereby ensuring the transition is not a cliff-edge leap rather a smooth gear-change.

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