Energy Alchemist – An Unforseen Presence – Audio

The US electro-rock trio Energy Alchemist released the LP Ghost In The Machine on the 19th.

Energy Alchemist

Energy Alchemist

A talented group of musicians with considerable experience behind them, as is evidenced in their latest album,  an almost forty minutes – eight track release.

Bringing together a range of influences Energy Alchemist are able to reconvert those thoughts to intricately weaved compositions. Judicious creativity with electronics unifies stadium rock riffs and forceful percussion as the bass adroitly wavers between dub-step, funky-groove and out and out rock and roll, with the sparse vocals ably reflecting the sentiments of the songs allowing them to travel broadly both in individual pieces as well as in the totality of Ghost In The Machine, yet never loose the attention of the listener.

Energy Alchemist are an out-fit with much to offer the world of music and I look forward to hearing more of them over the coming years.

My pick of the release is the third track – An Unforseen Presence.


Ghost In the Machine – Energy Alchemist is available on iTunes.*

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Jingo – Ghost In The Machine – Video

The English electro-rock band Jingo are planning to release their newest EP on the 25th of September.

Jingo - Ghost In The Machine - artwork

Jingo – Ghost In The Machine – artwork

From the forthcoming release their most space-rock sound to date, giving them a lighter feel than the more atmospheric style with they are more normally associated – a live version of the title track – Ghost In The Machine.

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