Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer – Single Review

The English melancholic-wave duo Betty Pulls A Fast One recently revealed their latest track.

Betty Pulls A Fast One - Swing Like Summer

Betty Pulls A Fast One – Swing Like Summer

Frequently featured since the middle of last year Betty Pulls A Fast One always return to the table with a new idea.

In Swing Like Summer – one is minded of the sadness of Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday from 1939. Although there is approaching an eighty year time gap – though Billie Holiday was more explicit in lyric in Swing Like Summer that same sentiment of societal deconstruction is evident in the pianoforte led ballad that lays wrapped in the ears long after the notes have faded in to silence.

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Betty Pulls A Fast One – Ghost Cat – Single Review

The English dance-tronic duo Betty Pulls A Fast One were introduced earlier in the year with their début number.

Betty Pulls A Fast One - Ghost Cat

Betty Pulls A Fast One – Ghost Cat

Within the past four hours their latest track surfaced – Ghost Cat – a just over four minute piece which could not be more perspicacious of a weekend happenstance than it is – as the music revolves around the ears.

The listeners finds themselves minded of spirographs as the spokes lock one in to the other in wheels of different sized spinning meshes that all interlock in perfect unison as electro-drums and synths unfurl like emblems waving in a breeze, with almost extraneous vocal providing context, as the duo invite the audience to create animalistic shapes on the dark-light strobed dance-floor. To not partake would be miss a party moment.

Last time round I was unable to connect to social media pages – this has now been updated in time for the appearance of their second track from the LP Dressed In Birds which is due for release next year.

social media page

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