The Urchins – I Feel A Fall Coming – Single Review

From Scotland, The Urchins, have their debut single I Feel A Fall Coming set for release on the 7th April.

The Urchins - I Feel A Fall Coming - Artwork

The Urchins – I Feel A Fall Coming – Artwork

A full review of The Urchins would make sense and I hope to be able to do that in due course, for now the two track single is a good place to introduce the band.

The title track – I Feel A Fall Coming – combines tempered percussion, delicious bass, flighty guitar along with cathartic Hammond organ to which the vocal adds the drips of honey in a track that runs to just under four minutes. Whilst, there is a familiarity with Factory Records, the quintet have updated the sound to deliver a track which needs to be left on repeat as the sprawling dance beat bounces around the room.

Introducing a refrain from a mouth-organ to the sound gives Getting Old Too Soon a quirky twist to a straight rock derived number. Taking the notes away from major chords allows The Urchins to inject a plaintiff emotional tug to the track which runs an identical nine seconds less than four minutes as the opener. This is the track that is my pick of the release with the similarity of chord progressions and fuzz to Tommy Gun by The Clash.

A fine début release and I hope this will find The Urchins becoming far more familiar to a wider audience.

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