Gen Pop – Get Over It – Audio

The folk-rock duo Gen Pop, from the USA, released the LP Start Again on the 24th.

Gen Pop

Gen Pop

Difficult to believe these are only two musicians who also live some distant apart, the only real clue being that it is five years since their last album.

The songs are of absorbing and intricate weaves that gives the compositions which are, at their skeletal level acoustic folk ballads, their multifaceted texturing.

Never losing the earthiness of the starting material in the mix Gen Pop are able to create in, the roughly twenty nines minutes of the eight tracks on, Start Again (available on bandcamp) music that seeps in to the bone marrow whilst retaining its honesty in to which the audience become completely immersed and unaware of passing events.

Get Over It is the penultimate song.


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Mechanical Mouse Organ – All The Love (Nobody Wants) – Single Review

The English alt-rock quartet Mechanical Mouse Organ released the three track single All The Love (Nobody Wants) yesterday.

Mechanical Mouse Organ

Mechanical Mouse Organ

Formed with three former members of HUG – Dave Curle (Drums), Liam Gilfellon (Bass) and George Kitching (Guitar) who featured in 2013 – soon adding Darryl Todd (Vocals) to the line-up.

All The Love (Nobody Wants) is the welcome follow up to their début LP Get Over It, which was released in 2015 (both available on bandcamp) with word arriving of additional music to appear during the course of the year..

The three songs on the single are each of different texture, the opener and title track All The Love (Nobody Wants) threads a fuzzy distortion of guitar with a meshing drum-kit with a punctuated bass giving the song a sense of stop start motion from which an unexpectedly evocative and tender vocal laments of isolated rejection.

Where Are You Now – is a soul-blues infused measure of expressive guitar which is broken by slicing bass / drum interventions surrounding a rock ballad vocal narrative.

The closer Get Out Of My Head is a more upbeat and playful composition with a rock’n’roll gait which finds the listener joining alongside playing their air-guitar with extensive use of whammy-bar and is my pick of the release.

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Pet Tigers – Get Over It – Video

It has been three years since the US synth-rock band Pet Tigers last featured.

Pet Tigers - Short Leash - artwork

Pet Tigers – Short Leash – artwork

Slimmed down to a duo Pet Tigers retain their infectious joy and I hope it isn’t another three years until I get back to the music. In case that is what that happens – albeit of poor recording quality – I have something to provide an update their development

From the LP Short Leash, a live version of the twelfth of the fourteen tracks – Get Over It.

Short Leash – Pet Tigers is available on iTunes.*

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