The Aftergreens – Get My Act Together – Audio

The US new wave trio The Aftergreens released the LP A little sad​.​.​. but kinda rad? on the 11th.

The Aftergreens

The Aftergreens

I am in receipt, daily, umpteen introductions by bands who spend untold amounts of money to zizzy up their sound with post production trickery – at the opposite end of the spectrum is where I always find myself drawn and The Aftergreens deliver a fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) which has the finesse of finish that sounds as though it was recorded through portable cassette recorder with an inbuilt microphone picking up the music.

It will therefore come as no surprise to longer stay readers and those aware of my days as a vocalist in a punk band back in the ’70s that this is heading towards my natural habitat, hence why I fully recommend you spending the almost fifty minutes of the duration with speakers turned up loudly and plenty of space in which to thresh around in the same unadulterated joie de vivre as their au naturel output that minds of early ’80s garage-synth.

By way of an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing much more from in short order – the opener is as good a place as any to start – Get My Act Together.

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