Actual Figures – Slave – Audio

The Germany based electronica duo Actual Figures will be releasing the EP Good Wuck Wif Yr Stwuggles on the 1st of November.

Actual Figures

Actual Figures

The duo of Marie Mark Andersen from Denmark and Brandon Davis from the USA bring a wide net of influences to their music which is reflected in the variety of the output, which stretches from ambient to overpowering, yet always of primordial resolution and societal commentary.

The first song to surface from the forthcoming EP is the glitchy-techno track – Slave.


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Ritzy Park – Mama Earth – Audio

The Germany based alt-rock quintet Ritzy Park are finalising details for their début EP – What We Know.

Ritzy Park - photo by Julian Schwarzenberg

Ritzy Park – photo by Julian Schwarzenberg

The twists and turns of the first song to be revealed from the four track EP Mama Earth, which was itself released as a stand alone single on the 27th, holds the listener in a rested trance.

The primordial hue of the opening harmonised voices and natural percussion seeps deep in to the bone-marrow prior to the track opening up to a trippy-blues number and the music can be felt slowly pulsing through the blood stream with a welcome feeling of taking over the mind and body.

The quintet are able to bring together influences from their earlier years, with blends of South American, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Northern European folklore generating a sound which has both an otherworldliness yet simultaneously an absorbing earthiness.


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Alex’s Hand – Ghost Peppers – Video

The Germany based experimental-rock outfit Alex’s Hand release the EP KaTaTaK on the 1st of September.

Alex's Hand - KaTaTaK - artwork

Alex’s Hand – KaTaTaK – artwork

Don’t anticipate a straightforward journey on hitting play as the approaching sixteen minutes, penultimate of the five tracks on the EP, Ghost Peppers (available on bandcamp) spills across the room.

Acid-jazz and psychedelia merge with progressive rock, that has an extemporised jam session feel to it as country and Russian folk also make fleeting appearance, attack the listener sending them off in to discombobulating disconnected sparks of ideas – yet – or because of its discordance holds the attention whilst the mind seeks to form its own connecting narrative.

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Das Flüff – Nothing – Video

The Germany based dark-electro outfit Das Flüff regularly feature on the various sites.

Das Flüff- Flower With Knife - artwork

Das Flüff- Flower With Knife – artwork

From the ten track LP Flower With Knife, available on their website, Nothing is one of their more uplifting tracks – which of course needs to be taken in context as you will not be leaving in bouncing humour – though will be seeking a dark cellar in which to play the song again.

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Das Flüff – Obey – Video

The Germany based dark-electro-rock band Das Flüff feature fairly regularly.

Das Flüff - Obey

Das Flüff

Their latest track to be revealed – Obey – from a live recording at their Studio – examples precisely why Das Flüff appears on more than the occasional basis with its dark sheer-sided temper that haunts the room long after finishing.

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