AKWUAR – Millions Of Same Faces – Audio

The German art rock project AKWUAR is set to release the eponymous LP on the 8th of January.



A seven track album of melting instrumentation and electronica filtered through a gauze affording the songs an otherworldly texturing, tipped by voices which drift in and out of soft focus. There is an intriguing juxtaposition between the aural delivery of the compositions and the structure of the songs which are typically quite mathematical of construct giving the overall effect of music which minds the listener of Bauhaus architecture.

The opening track on the album is Millions Of Same Faces.

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ANIQO – New Signs – Video

The German melancholic-rock project of Anita GossANIQO is finalising release detail of the début LP.



From the forthcoming album – New Signs – features guest vocals by Annie Hardy showcases the style of the songs, with its gradual build-up and notable spaces between chords which gives the the track an air of dark despondency that cloaks the listener in its sadness.

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Neon Insect – The Awakening – Audio

Neon Insect is a dystopian-glitch project from Germany.

Neon Insect

Neon Insect

This month the LP Abatron surfaced (available on bandcamp) which is a fifteen track album of dark gothic architecture. The material is a swirling menacing futuristic soundtrack of guitar, violin, percussion and synths of slowly building pressure and rapid decompression.

On taking a listen to the music, those who partake of computer gaming may contemplate the material would serve as the score for an FPS and you would be quite right – currently under development – though early access is available on Steam as the coding concludes and Abatron is also the name of a game to which this does in fact serve as the soundtrack.

The ninth track is The Awakening.


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All These Animals – Grammatical False Friend – Audio

The German dark-acoustic-rock project All These Animals released the EP Follow​-​Up on the 26th.

All These Animals - Grammatical False Friend

All These Animals

With a different emphasis to music previously featured Follow-Up is a four track EP (available on bandcamp) comprised of shorter pieces with a less oppressive soundtrack, though of more sad countenance, with the whole release lasting around nine minutes. The closer being Grammatical False Friend.

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INFIDELIX – American Spirit – Video

INFIDELIX, the protest rapper based in Germany, releases the LP Busk Life on the 29th.

INFIDELIX - Busk Life - artwork

INFIDELIX – Busk Life – artwork

An acerbic commentary of the world around and more specifically – in American Spirit – of those who, like Janus, possess two polar opposite faces.

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