Bendik Giske – Adjust – Audio

The experimental saxophonist Bendik Giske, from Berlin (Germany), releases the LP Surrender on the 25th of January 2019.

Bendik Giske
Bendik Giske

Tuck away any learned studies on the art of musical structure which may be to hand prior to going anywhere near the eight track album (available on bandcamp) as Bendick Giske explores both the physical and metaphysical boundaries of the interrelationships between sound, mind and body.

The second track – Adjust (lasting for a tad under six and two thirds minutes) takes the listener on an outer-body experience to closely examine the layers of ones own dermis.


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Valeska Rautenberg – Judas – Audio

The German downtempo creator Valeska Rautenberg released the EP Ariel Minds yesterday.

Valeska Rautenberg

Valeska Rautenberg

Ariel Minds (available on bandcamp) is the first of four EPs, each themed around one of the elements – this exploring the intangible nature of Air with each of the songs approaching the construct from a different musical perspective.

The closer is Judas.

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EWIAN – Paradise Lost – Audio

The German melancholic-electrorock project EWIAN released the LP Of Those Who Drown To Live today.

EWIAN - Paradise Lost


The haunting soundscape of their roughly fifty seven minutes, ten track, album (available on bandcamp), which swoops and soars through the room in a mesmeric flow of, instrumentation electronica and vocal which sometimes has the listener wiping their eyes to the forlorn echoes and other times swept by a sense of euphoric self-realisation.

Of Those Who Drown To Live is best engaged in its complete journey to fully encapsulate the moments along the way – the seventh track is Paradise Lost.

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Harry Gump – Nichts Weiter – Audio

The German agit-folk creator Harry Gump released the EP Waterfront on the 1st.

Harry Gump - Nichts Weiter

Harry Gump

A five track release, (available on bandcamp) Waterfront, as in common with all music previously featured since introduction in 2014 reflects of a frustration and sadness that the world is so wrapped up in facile divisions that it is inevitably everyone who suffers delivered by easily measured guitar and distinctive style that is the hallmark of the music if Harry Gump.

The second song is Nichts Weiter which also features Niki Minipax.

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Laura Carbone – Tangerine Tree – Video

The German sadcore project Laura Carbone releases the LP Empty Sea on the 1st of June.

Laura Carbone - photo by - Sévérine Kpoti

Laura Carbone – photo by – Sévérine Kpoti

An approximately forty one minutes, ten track, album of luxuriant melancholia which tenderly brushes through the tensor tympani leaving the listener enveloped in a satiating glow of mellow, haunting melodies.

The first track to be revealed from the LP, which is the seventh, is Tangering Tree.


Empty Sea – Laura Carbone is available on iTunes.*

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