Hawelka – Der Taucher – Audio

The Stuttgart (Germany) electro-rock trio of Petr Novak (Vocals / Guitar), Jan Georg Plavec (Synth) and Christian Seyffert (Drums), known as Hawelka, release the LP Liebe Oder Hass on the 19th.



Introduced on the video only site back in 2016Liebe Oder Hass (available on bandcamp) has a more pressing and compressed delivery, with the keys giving the songs a muddy resonance as they blur the sides of guitar while percussion pulses the eardrums as the expressive vocal gives the material a gritty texturing.

Der Taucher is the second of the nine tracks on the album.


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2 by bukowski feat. Kid Moxie – Follow You Home – Audio

Almost exactly a year since their last release, which was also a AA single, on the 21st the Germany based ethereal-wave duo 2 by bukowski release Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep.

2 by bukowski feat. Kid Moxie - Follow You Home

2 by bukowski with Kid Moxie

In a further common thread with last years release one of the tracks is in collaboration with the USA based Kid Moxie.

There the similarity ends as the reveal this year is of dreamy texture as identified in the first of the two songs to surface – Follow You Home, which is available on bandcamp, which filters through the speakers in a flow of drifting frequencies and resplendent vocal.

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Kraków Loves Adana – Naked World – Audio

The German dark-electro duo Kraków Loves Adana released the LP Songs After The Blue today.

Kraków Loves Adana -photo credit - Ebba Ågren

Kraków Loves Adana -photo credit – Ebba Ågren

Kraków Loves Adana were introduced last year with the track American Boy from the album, which is available on bandcamp.

Songs After The Blue is a mesmerising approaching half an hour, eight track release and is well worth adding to the collection – my pick of the release is the fragile and aptly named closer – Naked World – with its ghostly piano led melancholia that seeps in to the marrow-bone.

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Iron Angel – Ministry Of Metal – Video

The German heavy-metal quintet Iron Angel release the LP Hellbound on the 4th of May.

Iron Angel

Iron Angel

The first track to surface from the album –  Ministry Of Metal will have you scrabbling for the faded leather jacket festooned in pin-badges as it spirals straight back to the late ’70s early ’80s with material that sounds as bustling with energy and melody as it did back in the day – which perhaps should come as no great surprise as back in 1980 a fresh faced group of musicians from Hamburg (Germany) emerged immersed in the influences of British heavy-metal and despite breaks, changes in both personnel and numbers in the band, appearing between 2000 and 2007 as a duo – the original vocalist – Dirk Schröder – remains to keep reigniting those initial embers and back again as a quintet – Ministry Of Metal demonstrates not only are those embers still glowing they are fully alight and burning fiercely.


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Still Talk – Slow Sunday – Single Review

Still Talk is a new German rock project.

Still Talk

Still Talk

As I type there is only one song around – Slow Sunday – though am led to believe later today a second track will be revealed.

A soft brush of blurred guitar washes through the room to the accompaniment of a layering of active drum-kit with the bass giving the track its anchor whilst a mesmerising and highly capable vocal floats as though an otherworldly presence as it transfixes the listener.

On the basis of only one song, which lasts just a tad over three minutes, I am already looking forward with eager anticipation to the second LP, never mind the, as yet unplanned, début album and anticipate Still Talk is a name that will rapidly become familiar.

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