EdTang & The Chops

EdTang & The Chops is the rock band comprising EdTangNick BockBrad HarrisonGeoffrey Myers and Vic Fraternale from New Jersey in the USA.

EdTang & The Chops is a rock band from the USA

EdTang & The Chops

EdTang & The Chops has more than a hint of americana as pedal steel slides across the stage, but inside that, is a lively retake of Celtic Rock and the listener is drawn to The Pogues, so how could I not recommend you take a moment out of your day.

There is great pleasure in exploring the world of emerging bands and the quintet exemplify why this is the case. A laid-back soundtrack is complimented by a whisky soaked and cigarette smokers vocal, which gives the material a scintillating edge that captures the ears immediately on hitting play.

The folk derivatives ripple round the room as a diverse range of instruments are deployed to deliver engaging music. The whole soundscape resembles the what if –  The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl had created more music together – well it would have been EdTang & The Chops.That isn’t to say this is some pale pastiche, far from it, it is a pure delight and a band I would like to hear much more of in the future as they combine traditional sounds with inventiveness to provide the audience with something immensely fulfilling.

Classic storytelling combines with mood fitting compositions to generate music which not only captures the listener but gets them involved.


Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner – Edtang is available on iTunes.*

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