The Courtesans – Genius – Video

It was in August of last year I introduced The Courtesans from England.

The Courtesans - 1917 - artwork

The Courtesans – 1917 – artwork

The single mentioned a that time Genius has now appeared on video. The LP 1917 is set for release on the 8th September.

I must get round to a full review of The Courtesans, who creatively challenge the preconceptions of: Femininity; Self-worth and; Judgement, as portrayed in glossy magazines and mainstream media, with their chain breaking evocative synth-rock.

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The Courtesans – Dirty Killer – Video

The Courtesans from London, England is Sinead La Bella (Light), Agnes Jones (Darkness), Saffire Sanchez (Rebel) and Victoria Brown (Temptation).

The Courtesans

The Courtesans

The Courtesans will be releasing their debut LP imminently with a single Genius to be released shortly beforehand. Once there is more available I will update you on this electro-burlesque quartet.


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