Martin Dick – Muy Tarde – Audio

Martin Dick is an Argentinian gaze-wave creator.

Martin Dick

Martin Dick

Longer stay readers may recollect the name Martin Dick from the Argentinian band Tirman Kid, with whom he still plays and sings.

A slew of releases surfaced at the end of last month – two LPs and two singles and by way of an introduction to a project I hope to come back to later in the year with more detail – the single Muy Tarde – which is available on bandcamp.

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Seal Pup – Long Nights – Audio

Seal Pup is a gaze-wave quartet from England.

Seal Pup

Seal Pup

My apologies to everyone concerned as this has been sitting in my inbox for a few days now and although it is the 27th of February as I type, it won’t be until the 6th of March that this will be published.

Their first couple of songs have surfaced recently, one more challenging to engage with than the other and as you will already have identified the track I select as a reference point and introduction is the more complex.

Long Nights minds me of skimming stones across a still body of water with the output radiating of the ripples from each ‘step’ as they collide with each other forming their own reverberations whilst the stone skitters until it has sunk and so the music flows from an opening spaciousness to a middle section of hive and activity prior to gradually descending in to silence and a still pond once more.

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Look, Orion! – Searchlights – Video

The Swedish gaze-wave quintet Look, Orion! released the two track single Live Session on the 4th.

Look, Orion! - Live Session - artwork

Look, Orion! – Live Session – artwork

Despite the number of players Look, Orion! never seek to add volume to their output, rather immersive layering in which they deliver both angular polygons as well as gently arcing waves, delivering an output in which the listener can spend time to explore the deftly interwoven counter-balances.

The first of the two tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) – Searchlights –  was also revealed with an accompanying video.

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Deer Park Ranger – The Cold For You – Audio

The US gaze-wave project Deer Park Ranger released the LP Everything All The Time on the 27th of December.

Deer Park Ranger

Deer Park Ranger

The delicately flowing, approximately twenty four minutes, six track album of instrumental and synthetics skates through the room on elegant hydroblades which revolve around the listener in ever decreasing circles from which lunges unexpectedly slide through the movements in a release that captivates the listener with its natural glissandi from which every change in tempo and key threads unerringly, leaving the mind settled in quiet comfort.

The third track is The Cold For You.

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