Andrew Goldring – Lost In The Motion – Single Review

Andrew Goldring is a haze-rock project from the USA.

Andrew Goldring

Andrew Goldring

Like a mirage shimmering over the horizon the latest track to surface – Lost In The Motion – fills the room with an entrancing mellow flow of gazey delayed guitar, dreamy vocal, subtle effects and a percussion which holds the composition steady on its course.

Lost In Motion (available on bandcamp) is a song that is best approached whilst laying back with closed eyes – to allow the gently undulating composition to slow down the neurons firing around the brain resulting in the listener emerging, some, two hundred and sixty two seconds later feeling they have received a massage which has untied all the hassle induced knotted muscles of daily life.


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The Velvet Ants – Yours To Keep – Audio

The US gaze-rock trio The Velvet Ants were introduced at the tail end of last year.

The Velvet Ants - Yours To Keep

The Velvet Ants

Their latest track to surface – Your To Keep – is one they have held in their vaults since recording it in 2009.

A track that has a dreamy synth set against a gazey-guitar through which the vocal hazes as though filtered through voile.

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Beaches – When You’re Gone – Audio

On the 18th of September the Australian gaze-rock quintet Beaches will be releasing the LP Second Of Spring.



Having been around for more than five minutes, which is immediately evident in their self assured compositions, Beaches are able to instil a sense of confidence which the listener can immediately feel is trustworthy as their hallucinogenic-laced music breezes through the room. Given this day and age of mutual-distrust, this in no mean feat, particularly as the audience is met with a potential overdose of something in a random glass offered at the bar – in the seventeen track album (available on bandcamp).

All you need to do prior to hitting play is hush out all the outside noise before opening the eleventh song – When You Are Gone – and you will be transported on trippy flight that is not one of red-eyed dragons spitting fire rather a luxuriant magic carpet from which the mind is in no hurry to leave behind.

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Noise and Silence – Vitamins – Audio

Noise and Silence is a US gaze-rock duo.

Noise and Silence

Noise and Silence

Akin to their name the duo reveal music which is of quiet underlay whilst simultaneously voluminous arches in which they are unafraid to challenge the audience to wrap their ears around both ideas being proffered at one and the same time.

Whilst it takes a moment or two to settle in to the concept, having done so, the listener finds each tensor timpani working in isolation of the other, relying on the auditory cortex to make a cohesive amalgam and the resultant flow deep inside the mind works, due, completely for its dichotomies.

By way of an introduction, the first of the four tracks on the EP Cycle Theory (available on bandcamp) – Vitamins.

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Rufrano – Forever And Ever – Video

Rufrano is a gaze-rock project from the USA.

Rufrano - Photo by Jacquie Li

Rufrano – Photo by Jacquie Li

Apologies for the delay in getting to this as it has been sitting in my email system for over a week.

The psychedelic-tinged Forever And Ever soaks in to the listener who finds themselves not wanting the track to end as the analogue synth slowly drifts through the room while the infectious vocal coils around the ears as the trippy guitar paints blurry images on the ceiling.

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