The Reytons – Alcopops & Charity Shops – EP Review

The English garage quartet, The Reytons, released the EP Alcopops & Charity Shops on the 3rd.

The Reytons

The Reytons

The searing energy can be felt warming up the room through the speakers, which I do suggest are turned up as loudly as possible prior to hitting play.

A quartet of talented musicians, who have rapidly established a keen following that can only but be built on by the five songs on EP, which is available on bandcamp.

Each track takes the listener to a different decade and reflects of British rock at that moment in time.

On The back Burner, the opener, throws the listener to ’70s new wave – which is a track that is worth the price of Alcopops & Charity Shops on its own and would typically be my pick of the release, though such is the depth to the EP, it isn’t.

Next, Harrison Lesser, is a reminder of ’80s indie as the audience reminisces of Factory Records.

The middle song Ghost is drawn from ’90s Britpop with its sense of optimistic revivalism.

The penultimate – Please Don’t Call It Time – takes the listener back to ’50s merseybeat and jiving feet.

Closing out the EP – Low Life – my pick of the release – which is the bang up to date ’10s of the palpable pent-up frustration of garage-rock.


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The Naked Tungs – Crossing – Audio

The US garage quartet The Naked Tungs will be releasing the EP Distract Myself on the 24th of August.

The Naked Tungs

The Naked Tungs

Lifting the listener straight back to the freneticism of the iconic EP Spiral Scratch, The Naked Tungs are far more than a pale imitation as they resonate of the frustrations, tensions and anxieties of life in the ’10s with that similar raw unconstrained and uncontrived energy that marks out for a band I am looking forward to hearing much more of in due course.

The middle of the five songs Crossing was made available as a stand alone single on the 24th on bandcamp.


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Cakefight – Sucks Under This Sun – Video

Cakefight is an Australian garage duo.



Last month they revealed their début EP – Cakefight 7″ EP (available on bandcamp) a five track roughly thirteen minute barrel of fuzziness that fills the room with raw delight.

By way of an introduction to Cakefight, a duo I anticipate returning to in short order, the second number – Sucks Under This Sun.

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