Dentist – Upset Words – Audio

The US garage-surf trio Dentist release the LP Night Swimming 20th.



Think less of the sound of drills heard in a dentists waiting room rather the muzzy headed good vibe of the sedation of nitrous oxide and you will be at the right sort of Dentist

An eleven track LP to grab from the shelves and hold dearly when released (available on bandcamp) is opened by Upset Words.


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Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting? – Single Review

The English garage-surf band Johnny Kills released the single Who’s Counting? on the 4th.

Johnny Kills - photo credit - 66photography99

Johnny Kills – photo credit – 66photography99

With a fuzzier glow to it than previous material of theirs in Who’s Counting, Johnny Kills, deliver a track which is right on point here in England, where the sun is bright the day is lazy and all seems well with life, other than – lyrically – the track ponders the fraught fear of a new relationship, where it is easy to hang on every turn of phrase to find a hidden meaning of rejection that never was there in the first place. Paradoxically this juxtaposition of hazy summer days and introspective turmoil merely adds to the calming analogue feeling hum of the music in to which the listener lays back with nary a care to bask in the warmth.

Who’s Counting? – Single – Johnny Kills is available on iTunes.*

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Sloth – Treat Summer Like Wine – Audio

Sloth is a garage-surf quartet from Poland.



Much like a pick’n’mix selection of sweets Sloth draw their influences widely which are dropped in to a blender with the output containing retro-sounds which appear vaguely familiar, though are in reality a bespoke concoction of psychedelic-delights that leave the listener grinning, inanely, from ear to ear.

They recently released the LP 2-D (available on bandcamp) – an approximately thirty seven minutes, eight track, reveal which is best approached when there is no need to be in charge of machinery for the ensuing twenty-four hours.

By way of an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing more from in due course – Treat Summer Like Wine.

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Trunkweed – Rad Or Sad – Audio

It is coming up to two years since the US garage-surf band Trunkweed last featured.

Trunkweed - You Are A Nice Surprise - Cassette

Trunkweed – You Are A Nice Surprise – Cassette

Earlier in the month they released the appropriately named LP – You Are A Nice Surprise – as it was good to hear from the guys again. An album, which retains their signature sound of low fidelity fuzz that flows through the room in interweaving echoes and reverb that drench the listener in the washes of gauzed production.

From the dozen track – approaching forty minutes LP (available on bandcamp) – the seventh – Rad Or Sad.

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