Desmerelda – This Time – Single Review

The English garage-rock trio Desmerelda were introduced just over a year ago.

Desmerelda - This Time


Their newest track – This Time – is a mix of spikey-top new wave, progressive-blues and single string, middle-eastern tradition, steel that all rumbles through the room like watching a freight train rush past whilst standing on a railway-station platform with the different shaped carriages speeding along in seemingly random order – hit play and that descriptor will all make much more sense than attempting to work out what any of it means – though before you do – make sure the volume is turned high to fully enjoy the three and a half minutes of music.

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Tin Can Telescope – The Modern Blues in Silverfish Sandals – Audio

The Danish garage rock quartet Tin Can Telescope released the EP Put Down the Chainsaw, Honey on the 8th.

Tin Can Telescope - The Modern Blues in Silverfish Sandals

Tin Can Telescope

The room fills with bursting flashes of energy on hitting play as the five track EP (available on bandcamp) launches through the speakers in high tempo pulses.

Tin Can Telescope create music with infectious twists and turns of jangling rock’n’roll which has the listener joining in with the unfettered good time music lain, conversely, to introspective lyric. The opening track is The Modern Blues in Silverfish Sandals.

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Remember Sports – Up From Below – Audio

The US garage-rock quartet Remember Sports will release the LP Slow Buzz on the 18th of May.

Remember Sports

Remember Sports

The dozen track album (available on bandcamp) is the long awaited follow up to the LP All Of Something which appeared in 2015 who were at the time, as longer stay readers will recall through the distinctive vocal, a quintet by the name of Sports.

Completion of education and the dispersal through the USA of the various players meant that things did not congeal until more recently when three of the original players, Catherine Dwyer (Bass) Carmen Perry (Vocal / Guitar) and Jack Washburn (Guitar), found themselves in Philadelphia and decided they had unfinished business.

Adding a new fourth player Connor Perry (Drums) (replacing the temporarily enlisted drummer Benji Dossetter – who wrote the music for the eighth track on the album – Temporary Tattoo) and recognising this was something new it was also something from the past with the new name paying homage to the roots of the sound.

Up From Below, the second song on the LP, is the first to be revealed.

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Reptilians From Andromeda – Blue Moonlight – Video

It comes as something of  a surprise that the Turkish garage-rock quintet Reptilians From Andromeda haven’t featured for the best part of a year…

Reptilians From Andromeda - Dialogues For Monkey - artwork

Reptilians From Andromeda – Dialogues For Monkey – artwork

…then it all comes to mind – it is all to do with my appalling administration, as last month I was alerted to news of the LP – Dialogues For Monkeys.

My apologies to one and all for the delay – crank up the volume and enjoy the buffered echoes of Blue Moonlight.

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Band Of The Month – January 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Already January draws to a close – how are your New Years resolutions going? To brighten that thought the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month is…

Falsettos - Band Of The Month – January 2018 – Editors’ Choice


…The Japanese garage-rock quartet Falsettos.

A live version of the track Johnny, which will be on their début and eponymously named LP which comes out on the 2nd of February.

FALSETTOS – FALSETTOS is available on iTunes.*

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